COEX and the latest trends at Heimtextil 2017

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As the first and only 100% natural fiber totally fireproof, COEX will star in the exclusive collections of four prestigious brands presented at the leading international textile fair for home décor, scheduled to take place in Frankfurt, January 10 to 13.

As a top ranking event attended by buyers and trendsetters around the world, Heimtextil features the finest fabrics, trendiest styles and most groundbreaking designs in the interior decorating sector. This year’s trend topics include ecology, soft touch technology and “storytelling” material, which highlight the emotional side of the technology applied to fabrics, and enhance the natural quality and green soul of the most innovative collections. 

Naturalness, innovation and respect for the environment are the distinctive traits of COEX®, the only 100% natural fireproof fiber made possible by an innovative patented technology that uses only natural elements. 


COEX and the latest trends at Heimtextil 2017

COEX® will be featured at Heimtextil 2017 in the exclusive made of COEX collections created by some of the textile industry’s most prestigious partners:  “Belfast” and “Glasgow” from Redaelli Velluti, a division of Gruppo Marzotto Lab; “Decosafe,” the cotton, viscose and linen creations from HispanoTex; the “First” and “Second” collections from Limonta’s “Naturally Safe,” featuring exclusive viscose and linen decors and seats; and the cotton, linen and viscose collections for curtains and décor from Lodetex. 
Softness, comfort and vivid colors characterize the fabrics made of COEX®, the only natural fireproof fiber which can be also made in total white, in addition to ensuring high safety standards and an exquisite appearance.  
Innovation, charm, green and ecology are the confirmed keywords for the Heimtextil Theme Park, a themed pavilion hosting the latest trends, sure to inspire creative and design professionals. This year the initiative will be dedicated to the subject of “Explorations” under the aegis of the French studio Carlin International. Its multi-sensory installations will offer visitors an exploration of visual and tactile fabrics, textures and the most advanced materials selected by Heimtextil 2017’s International Trendtable experts. An extraordinary showcase of the latest textile trends for home décor, Heimtextil 2017 tells the many stories of innovation processes and experimentation conducted on fabrics, and presents a new edition of the Green Directory, a selection of the best brands based on their use of eco-friendly materials.

Eco-sustainability and green certification are terms applied to cellulose-based materials, and embody the intrinsic qualities of COEX®: non-toxic, hypoallergenic, biodegradable and potentially compostable (completing the natural biological cycle). Because “with COEX, you protect nature and nature protects you.”
Heimtextil 2017 – a fair that every year shapes the future of the textile industry – is therefore a special opportunity to explore and appreciate first-hand the unique made of COEX collections for home décor that artfully combine top quality with elegance and set the highest standards of safety. Ideal for natural, tactile and technical fabrics, COEX® has a broad variety of uses: not just for interior design, Horeca (Hotel/Restaurant/Café) and green architecture, but also for healthcare, protective garments, sportswear, fashion and items designed for children and babies. 

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