What's COEX®

COEX® is a patented technology that makes Natural fibers inherently fireproof and free of additives.

It’s biodegradable and hypoallergenic, soft and comfortable but even nonflammable, it does not burn, drip or emit harmful gases such as dioxin and it resists even the highest of temperatures.




COEX® uses natural elements to strengthen the cellulose molecule and make it immune to fire.

Phosphorus Phosphorus gif Phosphorus


Raise a barrier against the flame.
Nitrogen Nitrogen gif Nitrogen


It reduces oxygen by reducing the combustion process.
Sulphur Sulphur gif Sulphur


Helps carbonisation by blocking flames.

Nature itself raises a barrier against flames

COEX® protects people in any setting they find themselves in, reinforcing all materials of a vegetable nature, to create a healthier and safer environment for all. Thanks to nature, COEX® can also guarantee protection to people against the side effects generated by the use of materials and synthetic or oil-derived substances. COEX® does not use flame retardant chemical additives or fire-retardant resins that can come into contact with the skin and the environment. The revolutionary COEX® technology made in Italy guarantees the product permanent flame retardancy.

Nature itself raises a barrier against flames
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