Milan Design Week enveloped in COEX: natural and safe

COEX team 2 minutes

100% plant based, 100% flame retardant, 100% designer. COEX® is the natural and sustainable “common thread” running through projects by some of Milan Design Week 2017’s most prestigious interior designers: from Zanotta and Christian Fischbacher to Simone Micheli’s creative flair. And here’s where you can find us.

Zanotta | Furniture Expo (Pav. 16 - Stand A23/B16) 
With over sixty years behind it and more than 550 products to its name, Zanotta is one of the big names in Italian design. This year, COEX®’s 100% flame retardant and natural linen curtains have been chosen for its stand at the Furniture Expo. Designed by the Calvi Brambilla Studio, the stand presents the famous brand’s collections in a display that is innovative and chic, evocative and stylish, creating a timeless space for its iconic products. 

Opening hours
9:30 – 18:30 | 4-9 April

MOSTRA “(3S) X THD” | FuoriSalone (Simone Micheli studio-gallery, entry through Via Massimiano, 2nd floor) 
“(3S) X THD (Three Suites for TownHouse Duomo)” is a design by Simone Micheli for the prestigious TownHouse Hotels brand. Over the course of 2017, the architect will create three distinctive and striking hotel suites for this extraordinary hotel with views of Milan Cathedral. All three suites will feature COEX®’s 100% flame retardant, linen curtains, while one of the suites will be entirely upholstered in COEX® fabric – from the bed to the sofa and chairs – the symbol of sustainability and safety.
The “(3S) X THD” exhibition, held in the Micheli Studios in Milan’s Ventura Lambrate district, enables visitors to bathe in the exclusive atmosphere of the TownHouse Duomo, offering them a “virtual” sneak preview of the suites that will come to life in 2017. Two armchairs that will be used in the TownHouse Hotel suites and that are upholstered in COEX® fabric, will also form part of the exhibition, giving the full COEX® experience: enabling visitors to feel the softness and comfort of COEX®.

Opening hours
10:00 – 20:00 | 4-8 April
10:00 – 18:00 | 9 April

Evening Opening
20:00 – 22:00 | 5 April


Christian Fischbacher | FuoriSalone (6 Via San Tomaso) 
Christian Fischbacher is fitting out Casa LAGO – the unique multifunctional designer space in Milan’s heart – in COEX®’s new ECO FR collection made from natural fibre, the first flame retardant and biodegradable fabric available in linen, cotton and viscose that is both natural and safe. The COEX® curtains in Casa LAGO’s living room bestow a sense of warmth, comfort and safety on this unique and avant-garde space.

Opening hours
9:30 – 18:00 | 4-9 April

TheBaR Caffè del Borgo |  27 Via Conte Rosso
Need to get away from the hectic pace of the Fuorisalone? This year, the place to go is Caffè del Borgo, a new restaurant in the Ventura-Lambrate district that has been redesigned and transformed by Simone Micheli. He has created a space for meeting and socialising where, once again, COEX® fabric offers safety and sustainability. Triangular interactive acoustic E.WALL panels designed by Simone Micheli and made from TrevisoMade COEX® viscose and linen, adorn the walls.
E.WALL is a sound- and fireproof panel, which serves multiple functions: interactive module adorning the walls and creating unique shapes that can be repeated ad infinitum, LED backlighting modules bringing light and character to the space and soft furnishings. With its fluid and attractive backdrop and changing ambiance, TheBaR has what it takes to become the new nerve centre of Ventura-Lambrate’s close-knit network of localities throughout Milan Design Week and beyond.

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