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Chioccarello Srl is an Italian company highly specialized in the design and production of technical furnishing, flame retardant fabrics for home, office and contract sectors such as schools, universities, cinemas, bars, restaurants, conference rooms, residences and hotels.
The company, stemming from the experience of 3 generations with over 50 years of history, aims to create a new dimension of production much more streamlined, linked to high quality yarns and fabrics of wool, cotton, polyester and polypropylene that add value to public and private spaces in respect and protection of humans and the environment.
A highly specialized and continuously developing production with a colour palette having over 500 shades and lots of finishes and treatments to faster and better meet the needs of all our customers.

Chioccarello Srl carries out checks throughout the production chain in order to ensure over the years the continued supply of fabrics to its customers in compliance with the expected delivery times.
Today the company is more than ever focuses on the quality of its fabrics entirely Made in Italy production, created for the global market.

Each fabric is designed and manufactured with care and its technical characteristics are and must always be documented through tests carried out by laboratories recognized worldwide. All the fabrics and yarns meet the most advanced standards, particularly those that are flame retardant, as required by law.

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