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Christian Fischbacher

Christian Fischbacher has presented in 2015 its first collection in COEX, named ECO FR. It is the first fabric made of 100% linen, viscose and cotton that is both fireproof and biodegradable. ECO FR has three weights: light on 4 colours, medium on 5 colours and heavy on 22 different colours.

ECO FR fulfills all the relevant international requirements for fireproof while providing the comfort and softness of a natural fabric. The fibre also lives up to various internationally recognised ecological standards and the REACH.

Moreover ECO FR won the Innovation Award Architektur&Textil Objekt 2016.

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Michael Fischbacher, CEO of Christian Fischbacher, told โ€žDue to the high demands on safety, flame-retardant fabrics are usually a requirement in the hospitality and contract field. Synthetic flame-retardant textiles can create static electricity, which leads to the attraction of dust and harmful substances.

They also do not absorb humidity. In contrast to this, the natural ECO FR fabrics have natural humidity regulating qualities, and they are allergen free as well as antistatic. This aspect is especially important in offices and public spaces in which modern technology leads to high concentrations of energy. Thanks to its special qualities, ECO FR has a positive impact on the environment and on peopleโ€™s wellbeing.โ€

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