COEX adds a touch of style to the Elle Decor Grand Hotel

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During Fall Design Week 2017, The Open House, the project-installation endorsed by Antonio Citterio and Patricia Viel for the Elle Decor Grand Hotel Milano, chooses curtains and fabrics made of COEX, because increasingly these days, the style recaptures naturalness without sacrificing safety.

This Autumn Milan comes alive for the Fall Design Week and Elle Decor Italia presents a new, sophisticated installation at Palazzo Morando: The Open House, the pop-up hotel endorsed by Antonio Citterio and Patricia Viel, where you can experience the latest trends in hôtellerie.

At the heart of the project by the internationally-renowned architecture studio are the hotel’s public spaces: with an open bar, restaurant, library, spa and wellness area, as well as three truly original environments, such as the wunderkammer, a modern room of wonders, the floral market and the concept store. 
Nowadays, people are talking more and more about “city hotels”, hotels open to the big city, where you can experience a 360-degree welcome and at the Elle Decor Grand Hotel Milano, the architects Citterio and Viel have explore (Patricia Viel), focusing on versatility, style and safety.

For the Chef’s Table room, the exquisitely elegant dining room with show kitchen and garden, the Citterio-Viel & Partners Interiors project chose curtains made of COEX, made of pure linen. 

COEX curtains provide a bright and impalpable draw curtain to the beautifully refined inside garden, providing maximum fireproof safety. The extensive glass windows, as well as the stylish COEX curtains, “unveil” the desire for a sophisticated exchange between the design of the room and the outside garden, attesting that today, nature is indispensable as a furnishing for well-being and beauty, both for public and private spaces, and that COEX fireproof vegetable fibre is an ideal partner of naturalness, style and safety.

The idea of a store spread throughout the hotel - the wunderkammer, the floral market and the design concept store -is, instead, an enlightened answer to another global trend, where the customer experience today (i.e. buying items like flowers) is increasingly taking place outside retail spaces, and public hotels offer an original answer.

Introducing the sophisticated wunderkammer, the first exclusive retail space of the Elle Decor Grand Hotel, a sort of tunnel, like Alice in Wonderland, triggers our imagination. A dark hallway, with elegant dark grey linen drapes, made of viscose COEX fireproof fabric creates an expectant atmosphere. An elegant and safe choice to protect the “showcase of Wonders” containing an exclusive collection of design objects, housed in the wunderkammer.

One of the wonders of “The Open House” is the Floral Market, which is a breath of fresh air, with its vibrant arrangement of pots, plants, hydrangeas, calla lilies, orchids, anthuriums, tropical plants and travelling bouquets. Further evidence of how nature, in public spaces such as private homes, today responds to a primary need for authentic wellness and beauty.
In terms of authentic beauty, a visit to the Elle Decor Grand Hotel is also worth it to catch a glimpse of the limited edition art design works such as Mathieu Lehanneur’s Liquid Marble, Claude Missir’s Butterfly Table or David Rapp’s evocative video installations. If, in the restaurant, Rapp’s video explores the natural element of air, the Library chooses fire, as it only points to the presence of a large chimney!

Style, Safety and Naturalness are typical quality features of COEX®, the only 100% natural and fireproof fibre in the world, essential for the design of public environments and, of course, hotels, both city hotels or more traditional hotels.

COEX has, for a long time, collaborated with Studio Micheli on another major hospitality project in Milan: (3S) X THD, three suites for TownHouse Duomo endorsed by Simone Micheli for the prestigious TownHouse Hotels brand. 100% fireproof COEX® pure linen curtains will protect three suites of the new hotel overlooking the Duomo, and one will be entirely “dressed” in COEX® fabrics - from the bed to the sofas and chairs - as a sign of an eco-sustainable and safe luxury.

Another sign of the times and an industry in search of partners that can guarantee quality, style and safety. And COEX can do it!

Elle Decor Grand Hotel 2018 Coex
Elle Decor Grand Hotel 2018 Coex
Elle Decor Grand Hotel 2018 Coex
Elle Decor Grand Hotel 2018 Coex
Elle Decor Grand Hotel 2018 Coex
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