COEX® is a technology and as such adapts to different needs.

Developing a Made of COEX® product means starting a project that involves the development of a new line of products designed specifically to obtain the best Made of COEX® result.

Choice of the product to be made

Basic requirements are required to make Made of COEX® products.

Natural materials
The 100% cellulosic materials are perfectly compatible. All 100% vegetable fibres can become Made of COEX®, i.e. transformed into COEX® and thus becoming completely flame retardant.

“Ad Hoc” projects
Cellulose Fibres, mixed with synthetics, can become Made of COEX® but require a special design that must be followed by the technical laboratory to be validated.

Keep in mind during the fabric selection process:

Weight of the fabric
It is possible to make Made of COEX® any fabric weight. During treatment, the different weights will be managed separately. After treatment, the fabric weighs 10% more.

Ratio between weight and toughnessà
During the Made of COEX® product manufacturing phase the fabric loses about 15% of its toughness. It is important to take this into account!

Instructions for dyeing/ printing finishing

The fabrics that are to become COEX® must be dyed using specific methods.

Rules for dyeing and printing BEFORE the Made of COEX® process
The fabrics that must become COEX® must be dyed using specific methods.

It is possible to obtain an excellent degree of whiteness. For a preliminary examination of the fabric, contact the R&D department.


  • Selected LEVAFIX CA reagents or similar 
  • Sulphur
  • Printed reagent
  • Printed pigment

IMPORTANT: lthe dyes may have small variations compared to the original colour. The final colour obtained is stable and repeatable.

Rules of dyeing and printing AFTER the Made of COEX® process 
It is possible to dye and carry out finishings on Made of COEX® fabrics, but it depends on the article, so it is necessary to request the operating instructions directly from the R&D department, before performing any procedure.
NB: it is not possible to dye and print reagent.

Softeners or stain removers are allowed, which are usually strictly prohibited in classic fireproof products. The finishing process includes a series of treatments aimed at improving the tactile and/or visual characteristics of the fabric. The finishing of a “Made of COEX®” product is carried out in the last phase of the process and must be carefully assessed. This phase largely conditions the passing of the flame tests established and regulated by the various countries.

Selection of the regulations

COEX® is a “tailormade” technology based on the requirements and standards that are to be respected.
The Made of COEX® process can be modulated according to the fireproof properties that are to be obtained.
This is why it is essential to establish in advance what the reference standards to be respected are.

Preliminary COEX® Setup

It allows you to check and correct the setup process to obtain the best production process.

Testing in COEX® laboratories

A4 Format
Tests carried out in the COEX® laboratory
Waiting time: 7 working days

The COEX® laboratory imitates the production phase for the flame resistance and toning characteristics, but it cannot verify the characteristics of: toughness, abrasion, weight, height, degree of whiteness and other physical parameters. These parameters must ALWAYS BE CORRECT in the PRODUCTION phase..

Production of mini batches and pre-tests

Testing and production of mini-batches needed to proceed with the certification

Mini-batch production 
This phase allows you to perform a test to proceed with the certification only when the results are verified, optimising costs.

Mini-batches for the pre-test 
Flat fabrics:

  • Height: 80cm min. - 85cm max
  • Length: 10m min. - 20m max
  • Waiting time: 15 working days

PAYMENT production:
150€ for a mini-batch

This phase perfectly imitates the production due to the flame resistance characteristics, but it cannot verify the characteristics of: toughness, abrasion, weight, height, degree of whiteness and other physical parameters. These parameters must ALWAYS BE CORRECT in the PRODUCTION phase.

COEX® approval
After the production of the mini-batches, COEX® performs a pre-test to verify that the product complies with the indications. If the result is correct, a document will be issued stating the approval of the use of the logo.
COEX® provides a set of communication materials that help explain the technology and its revolutionary innovation, as well as its characteristics, which are unique on the market. 


All COEX® fabrics are manufactured and tested to the highest international fire protection standards.

COEX® recommends using laboratories that have already tested Made of COEX® products and are familiar their characteristics.


Once all the phases are finished, the product can be put into production to become: Made of COEX®.

Trademark rules


COEX® is a registered Trademark and ensures Excellence and Quality of the product.

The use of COEX® technology is subject to the obligation to respect the image and the rules for using the logo.

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