Kilkenny Natural Fireproof LinenI

Kilkenny are 100% natural fabrics, created with fibers of vegetable orgin such as linen, cotton and viscose, rendered completely fireproof through COEX®, the innovative patented technology that doesn’t use chemical additives or flame retardant resins that may come in contact with skin and environment.

They have no chemical additives or flame retardants, there is no formaldehyde or derivatives of chlorine and bromine; their performance is only the result of a molecular modification of cellulose. There aren’t harmful releases into environment. 

  • They carbonize and create a protective wall around flames, don’t melt or drip.
  • They are biogradable.
  • They are 100% natural, not synthetic.
  • They are fireproof, not simply flame retardant. 
  • They resist at temperatures above 1000 °C.
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