COEX® acts on cellulose molecules that make up about 40% of the wood structure, but also on lignin, present on 25%.
These two molecules represent the framework of the wood and, thanks to COEX®, acquire the fireproof properties, remaining 100% natural.


Types of materials that can become COEX®


  • Wood veneers for decorative use
  • Plywood
  • Recomposed wood
  • Multilayer
  • Solid wood


Types of essences

COEX® can be used with all types of wood

Compatibility with other materials

COEX® has a high compatibility with other materials used during processing, such as glues or paints.


Compared to previous fireproofing technologies, applied on wood by impregnation, COEX® has several advantages:

UNI EN 13501-1 standard

According to the Italian and European standard UNI EN 13501-1, which assesses the “Reaction to fire of building materials”, COEX® is integral with the material, does not migrate and is uniform, so it does not contain and release formaldehyde during use, application and fire. Therefore COEX® can be Classified in Category Bs1d0*.

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