A Montessori bedroom is a Coex bedroom

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In the words of Maria Montessori: Your Home belongs to your Children, it is not just a place for your Children to live. The H and C are in upper case because ensuring a child's spontaneity and independence is at the heart of a philosophy that continues to fascinate parents and children, and this must begin at home. 
The Montessori Method believes it is vital to give children the freedom to explore and express themselves, move freely and do as much as possible by themselves, enabling them to become more self-aware and learn to self-correct, and even make mistakes!
To achieve this, it is vital that the space inhabited by a child is safe and natural just like COEX! If, realistically, dedicating the whole house to your child it is not entirely practical, here are some valuable tips for their bedroom.

All of the furniture and objects must be easy to operate, access and move around: not only the tables, chairs and seats but also the bookcases, shelves and cabinets, all of these must be at child-level. Drawing and colouring materials, books and even the family photo album need to be easy to access, look at and put away. If space is limited, some fabric panels with pockets on the walls can be a great alternative.
Using fabric to decorate a room is an excellent way of using natural fibres that are hypoallergenic and soft. And you can make it even safer by using naturally fireproof COEX!

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Dressing-up time
A child-size wardrobe enables children to experiment with dressing up and colour combinations and keeps all of their things safe. Little outfits made from linen, cotton and natural fibres that are soft to the touch, hypoallergenic and designed to prevent skin irritation, will offer the natural comfort that every parent desires for their child.
And you can make them even safer by using naturally fireproof COEX!

Simplicity and safety
Rather than chaos, there can be order through taking things apart and putting them back together. The bedroom should not be overflowing with stuff or filled with hard edges but a safe, airy space thatencourages the child to move around. Children can roll around and do calisthenics on the carpet – preferably one that is made from natural fibres and resistant to dust mites. The bed is at ground level so there is no need for a bed guard; just a natural fibre bedroll to keep allergies and dust at bay.
A well-secured mirror is not for vanity but can create an invaluable “window” for the child; and a little tent enables them to retreat, away from prying eyes.

Light and Nature
In the Montessori “basket of treasures”, which is full of recycled objects and those of everyday use, there are seeds, shells, flowers and natural fibres, to enliven the senses, encourage handling and inspire a love of nature.
Natural light and soft, neutral colours create a space for encouraging imagination and movement. If the curtains are made of linen, cotton and natural fibres, they will be light and will not create a barrier between indoor and out. They will help create a natural and bright ambiance. And if they are made from fireproof COEX, they will also act as a shield!

In such a bedroom, a child can experiment safely and be stimulated intellectually, emotionally and on a sensory level: learning and understanding more about him or herself. From an early age, a child’s individuality will be respected and will develop in harmony with nature in a natural and safe way, the COEX way.

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