World Environment Day 2017, an invitation to connect with nature

COEX team 2 minutes

World Environment Day is celebrated around the world on 5th June. And this year's theme “Connecting people to nature” is particularly akin to the COEX philosophy: underlying our 100% natural and fireproof fabric is the idea of bringing people closer to nature through a technology that naturally protects against fire without the use of chemical additives or formaldehyde.

Established by the United Nations in 1972, World Environment Day is held on 5th June every year. It aims to spread awareness of the importance of the environment and promote good practices that impact positively on the planet. Nowadays, the event is held in over 100 countries around the world and involves over one billion citizens in initiatives and actions aimed at protecting the environment: from the clean-up of forests and natural sites to the care of urban green spaces, as well as campaigns to raise awareness of more sustainable lifestyles. Small acts that are accessible to all, reminding us that the Earth is our home: which is why we must protect and care for it.

The day is dedicated to a different theme every year: the theme chosen for 2017, “Connecting people to nature”, urges us to go outside and immerse ourselves in nature, appreciating its beauty and reflecting on how interconnected we are and how much we depend on it. Starting in Canada, the country that is the focus of celebrations around the world this year, millions of people will respond to the call to “connect with nature” by taking part in events and initiatives on a local and national level. In Italy too this week, initiatives aimed at raising people's awareness of environmental issues abound: from the flash mob organised by Legambiente in Milan to raise the city’s awareness of environmental issues, to Turin’s 20th CinemAmbiente Festival, one of the largest international film festivals dedicated to the environment and ecology. On 5th June, the 2017 Reporter per la Terra  prize will be awarded in Bologna – aimed at journalists and photographers who raise public awareness and help protect the planet through their work – this will be followed by #All4thegreen events held across the city until 12th June.

How will COEX celebrate World Environment Day? We will continue to work with passion and drive, aiming to increase the areas in which COEX can be used and making our technology accessible to all. Our ambition is for COEX fabrics to be used in a diverse range of fields – from home decor, as is already the case, to transport, from workwear to sportswear and from children’s wear to the healthcare sector – helping people to protect themselves from fire in way that is natural and respects the planet. Or rather, “re-connecting people to nature”!

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