New green certification for made of COEX®

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The natural composition of made of COEX cotton analysed by Beta Analytic, the world's leading laboratory for radiocarbon or carbon 14 analysis, is equivalent to 100%. 

For fireproofing, made of COEX gains a new “biobased” certification, ASTM D6866, which confirms the naturalness and uniqueness of COEX technology.

The Beta Analytic laboratory in Miami, Florida - United States, has certified that made of COEX cotton has a 100% natural composition compared to a traditional synthetic fireproof fibre, which is instead 100% plastic. This shows once again that COEX technology, the only one able to make 100% flame-retardant plant fibres, preserves the natural chemical structure of the fabrics and does not alter it with additives and harmful substances.

Beta Analytic is a world leader in radiocarbon measurement and conducts analyses for commercial organizations, government agencies, researchers and engineers all around the world; and since 2008 has obtained, for its laboratory in Miami in Florida, the ISO/IEC 17025:2005 certification by Perry Johnson Laboratory Accreditation, for the quality of the methods of analysis used and the reliability of the results, not just in radiocarbon dating, but also in the analysis of biobased carbon and renewable carbon. 

The radiocarbon analysis also known as carbon-14 (C14), the most common application of which is precisely the radiocarbon dating, adopted for example by archaeologists, is, in fact, increasingly applied internationally in the industrial field. 

We will try to summarise what they are based on and what these analyses can certify. Carbon is a “vital” element present in all living things; radiocarbon, or carbon-14. It is a radioactive carbon isotope that gradually decreases by decay until it is completely spent, thus allowing us to detect the end of living matter (radiocarbon dating).

Carbon analysis makes it possible to measure the percentage of carbon that is not of fossil origin, in the fossil (which derives from oil). A biobased product contains material derived from biomass, and the objective of measuring biobased carbon is precisely to determine how much biomass derived material is present in the analysed product. For example, a biobased percentage of 75% indicates that, of all the carbon present in the product, 75% is biobased and 25% derives from oil.

New green certification for made of COEX ISO17025

In particular, the new ASTM D6866 certification for COEX was obtained by measuring the ratio between the radiocarbon present in the analysed made of COEX cotton sample and that of the reference standard SRM 4990C of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST): a value of 100% carbon biobased indicates that 100% of the carbon comes from vegetable or animal by-products (biomass) lived in a natural environment; while a value of 0% indicates that it derives from petrochemicals, from coal or from other fossil sources. An intermediate value indicates a mixture. The higher the value, the greater the presence of natural components in the material. The percentage for the made of COEX sample analysed is equivalent to 100%!

For made of COEX® fabrics therefore there is no doubt that in addition to being made from vegetable fibre, they are not altered in the production process by chemical additives or harmful substances (to the point that they are also biodegradable, in a perfect cycle of circular economy).

Thanks to COEX®, for fire protection, it is no longer necessary to use synthetic fabrics or use fireproof chemical additives or fireproof resins that are harmful to humans and the environment. With COEX®, nature itself protects you from fire and you protect nature!” 

Moreover, unlike any other fireproof material on the market, made of COEX® is the only fireproof fabric to have obtained, in addition to the recent certification by Beta Analytic, other important certifications.

The #madeofCOEX fabrics are, in fact, certified:

  • Global Organic Textile Standard, the most important international standard for textiles made with natural fibres from organic farming; 
  • Oeko-Tex, one of the best-known certifications in the world that guarantees human-ecological safety of textile products (COEX is, in fact, included in the list of Oeko-Tex certified products because it does not use harmful substances);
  • REACH, because they meet all the European standards concerning the absence of harmful substances in the production process.
New green certification for made of COEX ISO17025

Moreover, Patch Test carried out by the University of Padua, have attested the high tolerability of the made of COEX® fabric, classified in the “non-irritant” category and therefore particularly suitable for children's wear.

By choosing made of COEX® fabrics for clothing and for home and work environments you make a choice of 100% fireproof and natural safety!  

Protection for you and the environment, from now with an additional certification!

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