The natural house enveloped in COEX

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A green house has a decor which uses natural materials and fibres and imparts a sense of wellbeing due to rediscovering contact with nature..

Aesthetics, functionality and convenience are often the criteria which guiding our choices in the furnishing of our houses, but whilst aesthetics is important, and surrounding yourself with beautiful and functional things contributes to the creation of a positive environment, it is just as “vital” to pay attention to what really affects physical and mental wellbeing! 

Taking care of your wellbeing means first of all carefully choosing furnishing materials, favouring natural ones, that have not been treated with chemicals. 
Often one can forget that “fake wood” may be treated with formaldehyde and other volatile compounds which can irritate the respiratory passages and vision. 

It is also good to know the benefits and influence that different materials have on microclimate and the air that we breathe in the house. Textiles made of natural fibres are materials which are “alive” and permeable, they absorb and then maintain a certain degree of humidity in the environment, regenerating the air, and thus contributing to a healthy microclimate. 
Artificial or synthetic textiles which are often cheaper and more practical (because they don’t need to be ironed), “load” the air with positive ions, attracting polluting particles and dust, so they make us tired, cause allergies and inflammation of the airways. If we are stressed and irritable these textiles contribute to generating a state of greater “tension”, especially if they are in direct contact with the skin, spread around the house or near beds which should be used for rest and energetic recharging.

A “natural” house on the other hand “breathes” because it is in harmony with nature’s cycles. 
Breathing is the essence of life!

What can we suggest to make your house more natural? 

1.    Bright and neutral shades, favour the easing of tensions of mind and body, aid relaxation and help with a real feeling of wellbeing; 
2.    Transpiring curtains made of linen or cotton; 
3.    Sofas upholstered in cotton that is cool and easy to wash even at high temperatures;  
4.    Carpets made of coconut fibres, bamboo or wool that you can walk on barefoot; 
5.    Cushions and foot stools made of silk or cotton spread out on the floor to get you to let yourself go and make things comfortable; 
6.    Sheets made strictly out of natural fibres, the best are organic cotton, hemp or linen. They are hypoallergenic and transpiring and naturally massage your skin!

coex natural house
coex natural house

COEX textiles are made of 100% natural fibre, hypoallergenic and also available in total white. COEX textiles, thanks to patented technology, are the only natural textiles that also have fireproof properties. It’s possible to have both natural products and safety to achieve greater safety and greater wellbeing in your house!

Just like natural fibre textiles, wood also brings nature and wholesomeness to your house and contributes to creating an oasis of peace and wellbeing. When it is used structurally and in walls, doors and windows, and flooring as well as for furniture, various kinds of woods with different qualities and ways of cutting such as bamboo or cork have highly beneficial properties. The latest trend is for architects to use materials such as linen and hemp as well, because they are prized for their insulating properties combined with transpiration, making them suitable for building completely ecologically sustainable houses. Finally for a “totally ecological” house it is possible to use resins and vegetable oils to paint as excellent substitutes for traditional paints.

In a “green house” nature can make a significant contribution to “envelop all the spaces with wellbeing”, colonizing the floors with plants and flowers that bring “green walls” to life in sympathy with the trend in bringing the outside inside: plants and flowers invade the house as an extension of balconies, terraces and gardens, and in combination with natural decor regenerate and transform the house, making into a greenhouse, in harmony with nature. 
A natural lifestyle is really COEX’S STYLE.
A natural house is enveloped in COEX!

coex natural house
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