LINONE NF - 089 is a natural fabric from the upholstery section of the brand ALESSANDRO BINI | Tessuti d'Italia, dedicated to the interior decoration of hotels, homes and public places.
Available in different colors.

The LINONE NF - 089 model has the following technical feauters

  • Composition: 100% Linen
  • Width: 10.8268” inch +/- 1%
  • Weight: 550 gr/mq +/- 2%
  • Applications: upholstery - curtains - decoration
  • Piece Lenght: 0.4-0,65 ft.
  • Shrinkage: +/- 1%


  • CLASSE 1 (IT)
  • BS (GB)
  • M1 (FR)
  • FTP (IMO)


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