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Treviso Made is a modern Venetian contract company, providing innovative architecture and furniture solutions. Its business model is based on the concept of a hand-picked and dynamic professional network, making it possible to create solutions that seem impossible. Interview with Luca Favaro, General Manager of Treviso Made, who tells us about its partnership with COEX to create the E-Wall, the revolutionary, emotional and sound-absorbing, 100% natural and fireproof decorative panel, increasingly sought after in the hospitality sector and for public spaces, or for workplaces where design and emotionality are combined with functionality and comfort.

1.    How did Treviso Made come about? 
The Treviso Made project came about between 2009 and 2010 when the “productive” North-East started to feel the jolt caused by the collapse of Lehman Brothers. We went on a visit to Brazil with a delegation of entrepreneurs from Treviso, established to assess the new opportunities for the made in Italy sector abroad, with people who would later become my partners - Renato Pavanetto, Andrea Ghedin and Claudio Ramon - we decided to set up the Treviso Made network model. An idea of a company that brings together the new economic model that arose from the crisis and which offers local skills and taste to an international market, a GLOCAL model, based on a fluid network of professionals with excellent skills, gained from over 20 years of experience in the field.

2.    What exactly do you mean by “network”?
Treviso made is an aggregation of companies with a format similar to the network of companies. However, as a company we have a well-defined organization and a clear responsibility between our associates and our partners, and we firmly believe in the added value provided by the managerial capacity of expert management.

It is a network of manufacturers with different spirits, the partners actually operate in the building, thermo-hydraulic, electrical systems, furniture and industrial automation sectors, but Treviso Made combines this diversity of skills with the capacity and experience in management, as well like in project management. We are a “smart company with variable geometry”, where the constant element is represented by the management and the management structure, which allows us to be agile and very structured at the same time, to be able to deploy skills in different areas and meet the sophisticated or smart design needs, with the same final quality.

3.    What solutions does it offer the market?
We operate in three macro-areas: the first is as a Contractor, so we work with the logic of project management to carry out more or less complex projects, according to the needs of the customer, and we monitor the order from the design phase (often working with the architectural firm) for “turnkey” creation and installation; the second is the production of Products, often created as a “creative” or “smart” solution to customer requests, a “smart design” process, generated by a diverse work team, made up of various professionals, which is selected ad hoc when developing a project, and works to develop out-of-the-box solutions. These products are then developed with a view to mass and catalogued production; the third is as a Service for companies that provides a series of services for customers such as Stock Renting for large retail groups for which, in addition to creating tailor-made solutions, we also stock furnishings made by us, so as to ensure the that a new store can be opened in a very short time-frame.

Treviso Made COEX the E-Wall sound-absorbing panel

4.    E-Wall, sound-absorbing decorative panel in fireproof COEX fabric is today one of the leading products of Treviso Made. 
Indeed, E-Wall represents the philosophy and approach of Treviso Made because it originated from the dialogue between different sectors - industrial automation, interior design and the world of architecture - which together generated something that is completely innovative. E-Wall is an oxymoron, a moving wall! Made up of a series of movable, backlit and interactive panels available in potentially unlimited variants. E-Wall is actually an acronym of “Emotional Wall” because it makes the wall, the architectural element par excellence, more static if there is a dynamic, mobile element that can engage people and interact with our senses. A completely new product, only possible thanks to the inclusion of a sophisticated mechatronic technology in a piece of furniture. It is also fully customisable because, apart from the technological component, it is modular in many declinations to make a project unique, regardless of the size.

5.    What is its history and how much potential does E-Wall have?
E-Wall is part of a products line that we call Architronica (Architecture + Mechatronics): or architecture (or furniture) in motion. The challenge underlying Architronica is to explore paths that have never been travelled before and to give movement and dynamism to something that is naturally stable and solid, such as architectural elements or design. The idea of giving movement to forms also arises from observing our current, hyperactive and dynamic society, which continuously evolves. Objects, fixed and immobile spaces are no longer an expression of current social dynamics, where everything is transformed in a few seconds.

Something that is mobile has, in a sense, already passed, mute or represents something that has already passed. We wanted to create something that was a dynamic expression of a new relationship with the environment and with our senses. Stimulating sight through dynamic light (RGB LED components) and mirrors, smell through perfumes and hearing through sounds and music, or improving the acoustics of places where the noise makes it difficult to socialize, E.Wall responds to the new issues of our constantly-evolving society. Moreover, the fabric version, with arm and infinitely customizable material, also meets the technical fire protection requirements. In the E-Wall collection, designed by the famous architect and designer Simone Micheli, the panels are all triangular but the covers are different: a mirror to create an engaging game of reflections that amazes and intrigues anyone at the bar, with its dynamic perspectives in a material and emotional natural made of COEX fabric, refined and safe, because it is 100% fireproof.

6.    How did the meeting with COEX come about?
The issue of the sound-absorbing properties of the fabrics and the need to have a fireproof product was certainly a starting point, but what immediately played a crucial role was the will to position E-Wall as an innovative product tout court, not just for the technology and design, but also in terms of revolutionary innovation for the market because COEX, as well as being fireproof, is also 100% natural! COEX and Treviso Made have a lot in common: they meet a need by offering an original solution that is both creative and innovative and, above all, sustainable in the most authentic sense of the term.


Treviso Made COEX the E-Wall sound-absorbing panel

7.    So, the partnership with COEX is an important one. 
COEX excellently represents the concept of partnership as we mean it at Treviso Made. Straight away there was actually a perfect understanding of the common approach that focuses on people, their well-being and their emotions; for their desire to simultaneously meet a challenge - emotional interior design - and a demand for safety in complete respect of nature. The difference between a partner and a supplier with COEX is very evident: a supplier would have offered me a fabric, certainly of great quality, but without any significant innovations; on the other hand, with COEX, we have created something truly new and revolutionary. 

8.    Have any other products been born from the partnership with COEX?
E.Flag was also born from the E-Wall experience! A “free standing” extension of the E-Wall panels composition, linked by magnet rings, which form a sort of wall, a “flag” to be composed of the size and with the forms you want. It is a sort of open divider that allows you to create dynamic and flexible spaces, whether at home or in the office, a curtain that can allow you to carry out activities that require concentration or open up to socialize, with more peace of mind. Particularly designed for open space offices or co-working spaces, it guarantees the right balance between privacy and socialisation, and contains noise. E.Flag can also have a cover made of 100% natural and fireproof fabric and can be equipped with accessories such as USB ports and more!

9.    Do E-Wall and E.Flag generally receive better feedback in Italy or abroad?
We are still in the “launch” phase, but certainly there is great interest, both abroad and in Italy. Abroad, we have received the most positive and most significant feedback in the fastest growing and most technologically-advanced countries like China, where they would also like to open a local production line. 


10.     But Treviso Made is Made in Italy?!
Treviso Made, as I said before, has a “glocal” approach (global partnership and distribution + local skills and design), where the local Treviso component lies in the quality of the details, taste and experience that typifies us.

It is a network that was set up to give a structured and corporate approach to a very typical quality production, an expression of many small Italian companies and, particularly, our district in Treviso. Rather than talking about Made in Italy, we speak about “Design in Italy” or “Italian Experience” because our identity is to link the concept of Italian “beauty”, with innovation in every aspect...even with influences that are not local. Surely the perfect combination with innovation is with COEX, where quality and technological innovation, which are unfortunately not often associated with our country, are both expressed in their best value. Treviso Made however has a vocation for international influence because it manages to neatly combine the stimuli and challenges present on the international market with a typically Italian approach to problem solving. This means that when we work overseas, we take our management skills and Italian style with us, but for scale reasons, we do not also take those replaceable elements that would only result in increased costs, without adding any value. 

Treviso Made, like COEX, promotes a new, “human and nature centric” way of conceiving and doing things, the result of bringing together different worlds - architecture, design, technology - in the name of beauty and emotion, sustainability and innovation!
A new Italian Renaissance!

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