Fabric Application MADE OF COEX®

The comfort of natural fibre, the safety of hypo-allergenic materials and fire protection, and the pleasure and beauty of a natural environment are just a few of the advantages of COEX®.


Interior Decoration

Furnishing fabrics, curtains, wall coverings, cushions and much more...a world of all- natural and fireproof textiles.

With COEX®, it is now possible to carry out the interior design of contract and domestic environments using fibres and materials of vegetable origin without having to sacrifice health, safety and comfort.


The hospitality sector requires fireproof standards that, until now, could only be satisfied with non- natural products. Today it is possible to combine protection and naturalness with COEX®, also for bed linen.


Today, it is possible to have fireproof,natural sheets and bed linen for total comfort and safety for patients and doctors.


Sound-absorbent panels, seats, sofas and natural interior decoration are now also possible in offices.


Musems, Fairs and Temporary Expositions requires fireproof standard for the layout, now it’s possible to satisfy these standards using natural materials and fabrics thanks to COEX®.


Natural fireproof fabrics and wood, for comfortable and protective furniture.



From the motorsport sector, to technical or military clothing, to children's clothing...now you can protect yourself against fire and have comfortable, breathable garments.

Types of clothing:

  • Technical clothing
  • Military clothing
  • Racing



From the maritime sector, to trains, planes and much more,  COEX® opens up new possibilities for fireproof, natural bed linens, coatings and furnishings.


Kids World

From toys to items such as strollers, sunbeds and much more for children... today you can protect yourself from fire with totally natural and safe products.

Projects MADE OF COEX® 

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