Created in Italy

The circuiting exhibition Created In Italy - the attitude for the impossible is an exhibition on the Italian industrial landscape.

The event was conceived by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (General Directorate for the Promotion of the Country System), curated by the Compassi d’Oro Odo Fioravanti, Giulio Iacchetti, and Francesca Picchi, showcased some of Italy's most important excellences in industrial design and technological innovation, and featured COEX® among its protagonists.

The project aimed to present the public with a vivid image of Italian ingenuity through numerous stories of individuals and ideas, to highlight the qualities and characteristics of Italian creativity and multifaceted production. Common characteristics of the pieces on display include a meticulous search for perfection, a renewed inventive spirit and a constant urge to experiment and force the limits of materials. Some of the objects on display show a "pure" research, aimed at the pleasure toward the object "made to perfection", which can improve the user's life and is always accompained by the aesthetic element, as well as a generous response to the new technological challenges and the pressing demands for "custom-made" products.

The heterogeneity of Italian industry reflects the diversity of the natural landscape, which is unique and extremely rich in differences: it is precisely this multiplicity of objects and developments of the Italian craft heritage that offers a mark that persists, evolving in the industrial context.

Accompanied by in-depth materials and interviews, the final purpose of the exhibition was to indicate a point of departure rather than a point of arrival and to enrich, over time, this first collection of stories of excellence and innovation.

First stop was the city San Francisco, thanks to the collaboration between the Italian Cultural Institute in San Francisco (Director Anna Maria Di Giorgio) and the Consulate General of Italy in San Francisco (Consul Sergio Strozzi). The exhibition was held at the new spaces of INNOVIT - Italian Innovation and Culture Hub. The installation was designed by architect Simone Mazzetto.

Subsequently, the project touched several cities around the world, including Hanoi in Vietnam, Jakarta in Indonesia, and Bangalore in India.



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